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Since the beginning of the Windsor Albion Co-operative in 1996 there has been many changes, none more so than the last 12 months with New Management,Staff and Board.

A lot of work goes on behind the scenes to ensure smooth running of the Windsor Albion Co-operative estate to keep our Residents safe and up to date on all events not just within the estate but also outside of it. Meetings that bring events like In Bloom, Outings such as BlackPool & Bury Market, Parties for both Children and Adults plus not to forget our Raffles and Competitions!

Our Vision – Our Aims

As a Responsible Tenants managed organisation our visions and aims is to bring you;

  • A secure and Friendly place to live.
  • Equality for all our tenants to feel they are treated Equally & Fairly.
  • Help tenants feel part of the community and to be able to look after each other without fear of prejudice or discrimination.
  • Openness, Honesty and Fairness in our policies and that they are done with integrity and sincerity.
  • Duty of care to our tenants, their families and our local community.
  • We promise to look ahead to the future and to make changes that are needed to our organisation and our services.

The Windsor Albion Co-operative was set up in 1996 and manages 177 properties in the Pendleton area of Salford.

Everyone over 18 years and living on the estate can be a member of the co-operative. Members are directly involved in the running on the co-operative and contribute greatly to its success. Members nominate people to the board and everyone is encouraged to get involved.

The organisation manages everything on the estate from day to day repairs to the allocation of properties.

Windsor Albion residents want their estate and block to be settled and a secure community where people are friendly, considerate, support their neighbours and are proud of where they live.

What is a tenant management organisation (TMO)?

A tenant management organisation is made up of council or housing association tenants and leaseholders can collectively take responsibility for managing the homes they live in. Those resident members of the TMO create an independent legal body and usually elect a tenant-led management committee to run the organisation. The TMO can then enter into a legal management agreement with their landlord. The TMO is paid an annual management and maintenance allowance in order to carry out management duties that are delegated to them.

The services managed by the TMO vary with local circumstances but may include day-to-day repairs, allocations and lettings, tenancy management, cleaning and care taking and rent collection.

Council & Housing Association tenants have a statutory ‘right to manage’ which gives local tenants’ groups the right to set up a TMO provided that they can demonstrate competence and that the majority of tenants support the proposal in the ballot. The tenants’ right to manage exists whether or not an arms-length management organisation (ALMO) is operating in their area.