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Every year our Annual Community Festival appears to grow and this year was no exception. Join us on a quick look back at the Festival 2017


Every year The National Federation of Tenant Management Organisations (NFTMO) organise their annual conference. This year was no exception. As Windsor Albion Co-operative is a member, we attended with Pride to represent the Co-operative. This is our video of the event in glorious HD!


The latest from our 2016 celebrations is the Windsor Albion Chritmas Party. Drink and be Merry!


Showing what makes the best of our Community..Togetherness in Equality Democracy Solidarity. Carols around the Christmas Tree 2016


Well it’s that time of year again and it is always good to see smiles on young faces. with that we are proud to show our childrens 2016 Santa movie.


Our Remembrance Service of November 2016. This also includes a few photographs at the end from 2015.

Time to hide behind that sofa folks… Meet the juniors that attended our Halloween Party 2016


In typical style, The Residents, Board and Staff at Windsor Albion Co-operative celebrated the Festival 2016 in style.

What an absolutely mega turn out for the Queens Street Party event.

Fun, Food, Refreshments, Games was had by all. Here is our refresh video. Enjoy !

If you wish to view the photo’s from the Queens Street Party then click the link below.

Queens Street Party 2016

After an amazing year we look back at some of the highlights of 2015 including our very first ‘In Bloom’

If you wish to see the photo’s from the Adults party then hit the link below.

Adults Christmas Party Photo’s


Children’s Christmas Party 2015. As always the Children had fun along with the usual entertainment and refreshments and that special present from Santa. Hit the link below!

Children’s Christmas Party 2015


In 2015 Leeds Hosted their NFTMO meeting. Tom, Dot, Dafydd and Adele were invited to attend.

They hosted a great event and it was a packed attendance. Afterwards we decided that Windsor Albion Co-operative should host the next NFTMO Meeting in September 2015.

Having been impressed by Leeds high standard, we set out to do our own thing and to set our own goal of high standards.

With that in mind we asked Paul Manning (Director & Producer) to make Windsor Albion a short film Documentary about the Start Up and current status of our TMC.

Working along side of Paul Manning was Dafydd our Board Secretary. Paul Manning kindly donated his time, resources and did the Documentary free of charge.

After weeks of filming and editing we are now pleased to share “Our Story” with the wide community.

Tuesday September 15. Our Very First NFTMO event was a complete success!